Marine Buoy Total Solution

Marine Buoy Total Solution

Buoy Role

The establishment of a stable operation base for marine weather observation network that can proactively monitor dangerous weather phenomena in the ocean.

Securing the stability of the marine weather observation network by ensuring stable management and accuracy and reliability of observational data by maintaining the performance of marine weather departments, protecting human lives and property through early warning and disaster prevention.

Buoy Specifications

3M 6M
Type Discus Nomad
Length 3.3m 6.4m
Width 3.3m 3.1m
Height 7.1mm 6.1mm
Weight 1.7ton About 6ton
Monitoring Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, Wave Height, Wave Direction, etc

  • 기상청 21개소 운용 국소

    KMA 21 Unit operation station

  • 3m 원반형

    3M Discus

  • 6m 선박형

    6M Nomad

  • 플로팅 라이다 부이

    Floating Lidar buoy